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You are just awesome. Hello Sukur, My hybrid framework can work for any number of iterations without any issues.

This script will configure the framework as per the settings provided in the startup spreadsheet. Yes Y – Execute test case with Y flag. Punit January 31, at Hi, pls upload keyword driven frame work code. Test case spreadsheet consist of test steps similar to manual test cases.

Don’t worry about the length of keyword, you are not typing it, hybrjd selecting from the drop down.

Hi Bharat, Thanks for such a nice information. I have a small mailing list where i have lots of people who share common interests in automation. Row 6 – Tester Name – Name of the tester who is executing the script, same name appear in control and log files downloav test execution.

QTP – Frameworks

Following top down approach and each script is independent entity, this will help us to maintain framework with ease and change the functionality without effecting other scripts. In order fra,ework prove that I am correct, I have implemented this feature.

Lets create keyword for the login screen, where you have User name, Password and Login button. I have restricted the number of data values that can ftamework passed to a key work by 20, due to performance related issues Looping through all the cells unnecessary and it might confuse the user while typing the values.

Is it possible to you to share those techniques.

Column 8 – Time stamp – Test execution odf stamp in Local time. Creating multiple Google user accounts is the task we will try to accomplish using this framework. Thanks for your coordial effort.

Flow – Enter user name, Password and select login button. Lijit Search Lijit Search. Extra coding required, need to modify excel COM model function as per the requirements. Based on the startup spreadsheet hybrid framework in qtp pdf download, diwnload will read each test case from the control spread sheet and call the driver script with test case id, test case name. Expecting some more framework practical examples with a sample application flow.

QTP Tutorial #18 – Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples

Reason for implementing this feature – One of the developer told me that you are not calculating page response time correctly there is flaw in page synchronization code. For the sake of easy understanding, we have really simplified the concepts of the framework here.

Can you please share me the sample keyword driven pratical examples document my mail id is gopinath gmail. It provide live health of your test, this can be configured in the start up spread hybrid framework in qtp pdf download.

Anyway thank you very much for your quick replies.

Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples — Software Testing Help

Thanks a lot for the great work. This is simple logic, if you get it write now think, if there is no STOP indicator etc. Column 4 – Test case file name – Need to specify the corresponding test case file name. How can we use excel sheet as input sheet. I have gone through Dual function framework. Apart hybrid framework in qtp pdf download the data table that comes by default, we can use any external excel file as an input sheet.

As always, this allows more control and also more programming skills.

I bet there is any other website that offers this much of quality information on Test Automation. If your test is running for 2 hours and don’t have this feature, you will understand nothing if you look at your running test after one hour.

Hi Bharath, I like hybrid framework in qtp pdf download framework very much but I could not calculate the lower and upper bound from excel sheet. If you require any professional help, you can contact me on my email provided in “View My Profile” link.