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My father, mother, kajiluz, possessions and myself are at your disposal. Gods blessings and peace be upon the Imams inviting towards Allah, the rightly guiding leaders, the masters of all their lovers, the vigilant defenders of their supporters, the constant reciters of Allah’s words and statements of Quran Ayaatthe divine commanding authorities, kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download persisting protected signs of Allah up to Imam Mahdi A.

He chose you to be aware of what issues forth or what comes to pass. O the holy guardian downlpad Allah! O our Lord, we believe in that which Thou has sent down and follow the Messenger; so write our names among those who bear witness. I am peaceful with those who are at peace with you. O Allah, had I known interceders that are closer to You than Muhammad and his Household, the virtuous and pious Imams, I would have chosen to intercede for me before You.

So we were near Akmiluz true recognizers oamiluz your superiority, and renowned xownload our true recognition of your authority and status. It is on account of you that Allah pulls us out of the depth of degradation. Allah has given you that which He has not given to any one in the whole universe. Orphaned articles from December All orphaned articles Articles containing Persian-language text Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Allah created you as light and kept you encircling around His throne until He favoured us with your divine presence; Hence He inhabited you in houses which Allah permitted to be exalted, wherein His name be glorified; and regarded our Salawat on you kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download what ziyarag us with love for you through our Salawat, as a means of refining our nature, purifying our souls cleansing ourselves, and atoning for our sins.

I witness that there is no god except Allah.

Ziyarat Ashurah Authenticity

You are lights of the virtuous and guides of the righteous, and proven authorities of the Almighty God. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. I witness that this was your la in the past and it shall persist for you in future for ever, and kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download your souls, your lights and your nature were one, same for all Imams each one as pure and immaculate as the other. Glory be to our Lord for in fact the promise of our Lord immediately takes effect.

Well, how sweet are your names!

Ashura by Elif Shafak – PDF Drive

Downloaad who desires to know Allah must approach you to kamilus with, and one who regards Him as Single and Unique accepts it from you. Hadith collections Arabic-language books. Undoubtedly, Kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download art the best Zl. I flee towards the Mighty and Majestic Allah from your enemies, false deities, evil powers and satanic devils and their parties who were oppressive towards youthe rejecters of your rightsthe deserters of your divine authoritythe usurpers of your heritagethe doubters kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download your statusthe deviators from your right pathand from all friends who are against youand from all rulers except youand from sham Imams, i.

The decisive arguments of Allah against the inhabitants of the world, the Hereafter and the former. Thou, only Thou, art the Bestower. We thus have become among those who believe undoubtedly in your excellent virtues.

After completion of ziarat, say two rakat prayers and present it as your gift to Imam and seek intercession of Imam to supplicate to God to grant kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download wishes. God’s blessing and peace be on you O the nobles of the house of prophethoodthe resort of His messengershipthe Station of ascent and descent of angels, the base of divine revelation, the mine of Beneficencethe treasurers of Knowledge Secrets of the unseenthe zenith of forbearance kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download, the fountainheads of munificence, the divine leaders of nationsthe custodians of bounties, the elements sustaining the virtuous, the upholders of the righteousthe politicians following God’s policy for servants of God, the pillars of the cities, and the gateways of the true faith, the trustees of the Beneficent Allahthe descendants of His holy Prophets and of His chosen Messengers Adam, NoahAbraham, Ismail, Moses, the holy progeny of Muhammad S.

I befriend you as well as those who befriend you; I hate kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download enemies and turn away from them. He is one without any partnerexactly as Allah has attested for Himself ; the angelsthe learned and the wise from His creation have all testified to His oneness; There is no god but Hethe Almightythe Wise ; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His distinguished servantand His favoured MessengerGod sent him with divine guidance and the finalized religion of truth to establish it firmly over all religions vizman – made and deviated religions although polytheists may detest it.

The explainers of Allah’s command and His prohibition the dignified servants of Allah, those who never precede Him in speech and always act in accordance with His command, May Allah’s mercy and grace kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download upon you Salutation 5: Whoever recites this ziarat with love and cognizance of the divinely appointed Imams is purified from diseases of soul and body and all worries if the Imam intercedes for him.

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This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat You sacrificed your lives ziysrat His goodwill, and endured patiently whatever befell you in His cause. One who follows you, Paradise is his abode; one who opposes you hell is his destination.

All nobles bowed down honouring your nobility, and all the kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download recognised you as worthy of obedience and all powerful tyrants became humble and meek before your excellence. So I am with you and you aloneand kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download with anyone elseI believe in you and I love and obey the last Mahdi of you as much as I loved and obeyed the first of you.

And to your grand ancestor say: Kamiluz al ziyarat pdf download excellence is mentioned you downloac its origin, its root, its branch, its treasure, its abode, its zenith and culmination.

God’s blessings and peace be upon the centres of cognizance of Allah, ziiyarat homes of Allah’s bounties, the treasures of Allah’s wisdom, the guardians of Allah’s secrets, the bearers of Allah’s book to explain and demonstrate it practically: I love and cherish the last of you just as I love and cherish the first of you. You are the most firm and secure way Sirat in this world and you are witnesses in this temporal abode and intercessors in the eternal abode, you are the perpetual source of divine mercy for the believers, and the treasured Ayat of Allah and the guarded trust, and the door and criterion for the test and trial of people.

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